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"Become a Citizen" Blog Posts

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Each week, Monday through Thursday, as part of your daily bell ringer activity, you will read newspaper articles dealing with the country of your choice. You can find online newspapers for your country on the Web Resources page of this wiki. At the end of the week, on Fridays, you will write a blog post as a citizen of that country. You can write about any subject you would like as long as it pertains to your chosen country.


You may choose to write about a current event in your country. You may choose to write about a big sporting event currently occurring in your country. You can choose to write about anything as long as it is related to your country.


Remember: Your writing should be in an ACADEMIC VOICE. That means using proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc.


I will make comments on your blog posts with suggestions on how to improve your posts. Although I am primarily concerned with the learning of different countries' cultures/people, I also want to help make all of you better writers.


To write a new post, follow the following steps :


Step 1: Go to http://edublogs.org


Step 2:



Step 3:




Step 4:






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