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Ramadan Activity

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This activity will give you some insight on Middle Eastern culture and

In this activity, you will learn about Ramadan which runs from August 21st through September 19th. You will create a new page in your personal wiki named "About Ramadan."


You will research Ramadan and include things in your wiki page such as the origin of Ramadan, the traditions and practices based on Ramadan, who observes Ramadan and where Ramadan is celebrated in the world. Evrything you add to your wiki must be IN YOUR OWN WORDS. You cannot simply copy and paste portions of a Wikipedia article (or any other web resource) into your wiki page. It's VERY easy to determine if something was copied and pasted...hint, hint.


You will then create a map using http://scribblemaps.com to show where Ramadan is practiced in the world. Place as much information on this map as you would like. For example, you might include the number of people in each region practicing Ramadan. This map will then be embedded on youw wiki page. When you get to this point, let me know and we'll walk through embedding objects together.


All of this information will be placed onto the new page you've created in your personal wiki.


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