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State Poster Project


Go to http://glogster.com. Create an account.


States will be distributed at random. You will each create a state poster using Glogster. Once created, you will embed your Glog into your own personal wiki.




1. Identify your state and it's capital and identify the state's region (10 points)


2. Identify 5 of your state's major physical characteristics (mountains, rivers, lakes, etc.) - include images wherever possible (10 points)


3. Identify 3 of your state's natural resources (minerals, fuels, etc.) - include images wherever possible (10 points)


4. Include an embedded video about your state (this could be a YouTube video, just be sure it is relevant) (10 points)


6. Include information about 2 cultural events (ie. festivals) in that state (culture) - include images wherever possible (10 points)


PROJECT  VALUE: 50 points

DUE: Thursday 10/22


Student Glogs:


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