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Welcome Back Project

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You have all received numbers. In this project, you will pair up with the person that has the same number as you. You will interview each other about your likes, dislikes, where you're from, or anything else that might be interesting to the class. Once you have completed the interview, you will create a video based on the answers given during the interview. You will create the video about your partner and your partner will create the video about you. Your created videos should contain very little, if any, text. For example, if your partner likes pizza, then you could find a Creative Commons image of a slice of pizza. Or, if they have a favorite place to visit, you could include a Creative Commons image of their favorite vacation destination.


You should receive during the interview, at minimum, 10 items to include in your video creation. You may get certainly get as much as you'd like, but 10 is the minimum. When text descriptions are added, this should make for about a 2 minute video.


What can be used to create the video?


You may choose to use Stupeflix at http://stupeflix.com - Create a free account using your assigned email address




Animoto - http://animoto.com - Create a free unlimited account using your assigned email address and the classroom code A4Elab8063. 


For example:


Animoto Tips for Better Video (via http://www.labnol.org/software/animoto-tips-for-video-slideshows/9188/)


While Animoto makes is super easy for your to create professional looking videos without any preparation, a little bit of planning can make your slideshows look even better. Here are some tips from Animoto:


animoto spotlight 1. When uploading photos to Animoto, always pick photos that have a landscape orientation as portrait photos can sometimes format oddly during the video render process.

2. Animoto will automatically determine the duration of each picture in the video slideshow but if there’re pictures that you really want to emphasize in the video, select the images in the video editor and use the spotlight button.

3. When adding text to your video, always make sure that their pictures on either side of the text slide else your text will lack any moving video in the background.

4. Your choice of music determines the transition speed. If you select a slow classical song, your music video will have slow transitions whereas if you select rock, the transitions will happen fast - go for the latter if you are looking to create MTV style video clips.

5. Animoto consumes around 15-20 images for their 30 second shorts. If you upload more images, they are likely to be discarded in the final video so pick the best shots before starting the render process. For full-length videos, you an upload upto 300 shots but the number of pictures used would really depend on the choice of your music - slow music means less pictures.

6. While most people use Animoto for creating fast slideshows, you can adjust the video speed to 1/2x for a more traditional slideshow.

7. If you want to brand your Animoto slideshows, make sure that the last image in the slideshow is not a photograph but an image of your logo.



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